Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday - Good idea mankind. Not.

I'd like to start by apologizing for my last post. Apparently no one could see the pictures. A real shame, I can assure you they were pretty hilarious.

I am now going to list all the things that I love about Mondays:
That was easy. Mondays are dumb.

This morning I registered for classes for next semester. No story there.

Tonight when I finished working in the Vail office I was standing in the lobby when I saw this Freshman girl down the hall about 60 feet away. I sort of know her and knew it was going to be awkward, so I immediately looked down at my phone when I saw her. She was about to walk out the door but instead she stopped, paused, and then started yelling at me down the hall, "Johnny! Johnny!". I wasn't sure what was going on - she was looking right at me, so I started looking around for someone named Johnny. Again she yelled, "Johnny! Is that you?!". I smiled and said "No!". She started laughing and walking toward me (awkward) to make sure I wasn't Johnny. I sort of took off my hat thinking maybe that would help prove that I wasn't Johnny. Then she suddenly turned around and walked out the door. It was so awkward/awesome. I think I was even more confused because I figured the name Johnny could easily be mixed up with the name Josh, and I still think she may have recognized me and just got the name wrong.

This morning the tile floors on our hall were soaking wet for some reason. I left my room at about 8:15 AM and didn't have time to mess with it so I was mentally like "Hope no one slips on that". When I got back to my room in the afternoon there was a note on my door that said "I was walking down the hall and I freakin SLIPPED and fell in water. FIX IT!!! (please)". Apparently a kid on my hall named Corey was the lucky guy.

My face is literally just burning and itching all the time courtesy of No-shave-ember. The pain is pretty excruciating. Me and Tyler realized this is the first time in our lives where we have actually considered chopping our own heads off. We do understand that this could cause other complications though.

I'm too itchy to try being clever at this point, but I'll end by saying that one of my guys just read me a 5 page facebook wall fight he and his friends had with a guy from their high school. He literally printed this thing off, and it was HILARIOUS. Just a great example of the clever trash talking that can occur through social networking tools such as facebook.

I'm going to go rub lotion under my chin.


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  1. dude. i told you about 4th smith. hall penguin slides. watch out for the disco balls in the bathroom. i hate itchy