Thursday, November 5, 2009

CPR Training and Career Planning

I just finished CPR training. We had a group exam that involved pretending that there was some kind of disaster and then blowing air into mannequins with scary white heads and tiny blue torsos. It was kind of weird. My group had a very hard time passing the exam. CPR is pretty confusing and having taken the course I'm pretty confident that I will never try it on a real person. And if I do, that person is screwed unless they have a large black circle on their chest indicating where to give compressions.
I went to the Career Development Center yesterday and a lady talked to me about jobs and majors for a long time. It was pretty good, but as we were talking I realized that the things I valued most in a career were "freedom" and "leisure time". Ha, yeah that'll get me a job. Anybody want to pay me to have little to no responsibility and nap a lot? Perfect.
My friend Marissa majors in Family Studies and learns useful skills like breastfeeding. Haha, I'm just kidding. I hope she reads this.

Right now I'd say that this blog is my best shot at earning an income. I might start charging 25 cents to access a post. Let's say I have 5 posts a week and 10 readers. That's a solid $12.50 per week. And yes, I used my phone to calculate that, so we will cross out banking or any career involving numbers greater than 10.
I need multiple streams of income, so in addition to blogging I think I'm going to become an apprentice to my mom. She teaches childbirth classes, and I think that's a business that just NEEDS more 19 year old men. She's taught quite a few classes in our own home so I already have some key ideas:
1. Purchase a baby doll for the wife to play with to keep her excited about her future child.
2. Make a large poster board with pictures of fetuses.
3. Breath in strange patterns using the words "he" and "who".
4. Have the couple watch a VHS tape that the husband will find disgusting.

I would say my future is looking brighter every day!

But seriously, my mom is an amazing teacher.


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