Wednesday, November 18, 2009


There's a "Cardboard Campout" on the quad right now. They're putting it on to raise awareness about homelessness in Birmingham and people are supposed to build shelters out of cardboard to sleep on. The group with the best cardboard shelter wins a $25 dollar giftcard. I feel like there's something funny there, I'll let you decide.

I actually just came back to the room from there cause my feet are freezing cold. I was wearing my Chuck Taylor's that have "Wambles" embroidered on them. **Important note: don't go for the thin, trendy shoes when doing a homeless awareness campout when it's really cold.

I'm putting on more socks so I can go back, so I'm afraid this blog's gonna have to be cut short. More coming soon, I promise. Don't become discouraged, this blog is about to hit an upswing, I feel it.


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