Friday, November 6, 2009

I will trade you a pack of gum if you make me quit coughing.

So, I'm not really going to write right now cause I feel like crap. But I got to hang out with Jer and Sarah and they took care of me and gave me tea and cookies so that was amazing. And I got to briefly hang out Aud, Emily and Dave and they are some seriously cool cats. That was neat. I'm going to try writing a good one tomorrow. Until then, here's a video I made with my friend Kristen like a month ago:

It was so fun to make and it was such a pretty day... good times.
Now time to drift into a sickly, cough-syrupy slumber. Mmmmm.


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  1. haha, here I am, as promised. i hope you read this considering this is several posts late. i guess i read them in clumps until i get more consistent. dang. ok, so i liked that video a lot and i guess bottom line wish i was as much of a stud as you. im sick too