Saturday, January 30, 2010

Come On Eileen!

A little while back my sister Susannah showed me an 80's song called Come On Eileen by Dexy's Midnight Runners. For some reason this week it has just exploded in my world and I've listened to it so much. It's kind of a ridiculous song and the lyrics are a little/very sketchy, but musically I think it's completely ingenious. It's the kind of song that can lift my spirits within like 10 seconds, it's just such a happy song.

Anyway, I survived the first week of classes. It wasn't too bad. My Spanish teacher is, once again, from Spain and talks faster than Seabiscuit (runs). Terrible example. But the other day she kept saying "Buenos días Josh!!!" which means "Good job Josh!!! You're my favorite student." Just kidding, it means "Wake up dummy! Why are you so confused all the time? I didn't come all the way to America for this crap." The worst part was when she told me, in Spanish, that by the end of the year I would find it much easier to understand what she says. For some reason I thought she was saying that I needed to work harder to improve so I was like "Como se dice BRING IT ON!?!?" right back to her. I meant this to be a playful way of accepting her academic challenge. Apparently she was just trying to encourage me. Oh man. Telling this story makes me sad. Kind of hilarious.

Dudes-A-Plenty is in full swing. So fun. Sweepstakes.

Today I found this quote that I had written on a friend's wall like over a year ago, I thought it was funny: "Once upon a time there was a boy with a pet cat named Lillian. One day Lillian got sick and died. Turns out she had feline AIDS. Turns out the boy was me."

I think it's crazy when I read stuff I don't remember writing. I'm usually just like "Who was I?" It's so confusing. Apparently I was pretty funny whenever I wrote the Lillian comment. Lillian was a great cat, she was just a little promiscuous. I won't even go into the story of her kittens, I will seriously start crying. That was a tough week. It was like the show Survivor except there was only one tribe and all the contestants were kittens. Yep, eyes are starting to water.

Now my palms always sweat. I know it's gross, but it's just my body. But seriously, right now it's on another level. My palms have turned into sprinklers. I know nobody wants to hear this, but I just thought I'd be straight with you, the reader (Tyler, Mom, Sisters). It's also important to note that if I've ever lost a game of ping pong, it is strictly because of my sweaty palms and not because, for example, some red head dude who thinks he's awesome beat me outright. But even if any of that had happened, it wouldn't matter cause I would have already beaten the dude like 3 or 27 times. I would also have bigger muscles.

Well I think I'm about out of stuff to say. Here's a cheesy line I found from when I was like 15. Definitely remember feeling this way about songwriting. It's just never as good as you thought it was at first.

I'll write it down for now but later I will hate it
Just like when I sang for you and told you that I made it

You never reassured me so I threw the song away
It's just like how you watch me when I sing to you today

I'd show it to you now but I know you'd probably hate it
Kind of how I'll look at you and tell you that I've made it

Talked to Mary Grace on facebook. Score!

Also curly is the new red.


Monday, January 25, 2010


Classes started, I don't wanna talk about it.

Haha, actually I had 2 JMC classes that were really cool. It was nice to have a little bit of reassurance on the major choice. Umm but that was after one day and we haven't done anything yet, so... we'll see how it goes. Also, theatre people are hilarious. Just so dramatic during regular speech. I think I'm going to drop theatre appreciation and be crazy dramatic about it. Like this:

Welp, I was going to do a dialogue of me angrily leaving the class but it was just terrible. Seriously you should be glad I didn't do it, it was so not funny.

I'll be honest, blogging was not on the agenda tonight. I was about to go to bed and got a sudden burst of energy. Oh sweet, perfect. A burst of energy at midnight. That's helpful. How about some energy IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FREAKING DAY. Seriously, Tyler's beginning to think that I have some kind of medical condition that makes me tired all the time. Sorry mom and dad, "You're just growing" is no longer an acceptable diagnosis. (Mom - feel free to send vitamins. The gummy bear kind would be AMAZING! You're the best. With or without healthy gummy bears.) I seriously thought a coffee pot in my room would solve the problem. Naive. And now using the word "naive" has prompted me to listen to the song "Naive" by the Kooks. Youtube it! One time I played this song in my car and a girl in the backseat texted me and asked if we could date because she liked the song. We didn't. Still felt cool.

I'm not going to write about Haiti. It's way beyond my comprehension to the point that I'm afraid me delving into it would probably be offensive. 200,000 people killed and 1.5 million homeless. Staggering (hurricane Katrina's death toll was around 1,850). Just want to learn to pray continually. So much going on and so much to be done. We sure need Jesus.

I'm going to write a less stressful blog soon. Promise.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Yeah yeah yeah, I'm back, big deal, wanna fight about it?? Let's get this show on the road!

Life is HAPPENING! Can't just be sitting around on love seats all the time, that's so childish. So pathetic. That's what I'm doing right now, but at some point you just have to grow up. I mean I don't plan on growing up, but YOU definitely have to. Go! Grow up! Do something with your life. Nope, finish reading my blog first. It's important. Just kidding.

Seriously though, there is so much going on. I don't even want to get into the amount of home/family sickness that's about to go down. Sisters going off and being crazy awesome. Parents being in another state and working so hard. Separated from the family but always cradled by the Father and loved by the Savior. Christianity comes with some difficulties and sometimes confusions, but some truths are just sweet. Like the yogurt mountain I had today except multiplied by a number so big that it isn't real (original tart, vanilla, blueberry, strawberry and a plethora of toppings).

Fortunately I am still near my brother and sister-in-law, whose love seat I am currently blogging on and am about to be sleeping on. They're so cool. Hope they read this so they see the shout out and are like "YAYYYY!!" .. because they both shout "yay" a lot. Nope. But they might when they see this.

ANYWAY maybe I'm a little scatterbrained. It's just that it's the beginning of a new semester and every time that happens I start feeling like it's a new beginning and a chance to reinvent myself and make life awesome. I don't necessarily think this is true, but it's my instinct. I guess the summary word is "excitement" mixed with a little bit of "nerves" and at the moment a slight amount of "heartburn". So much craziness. I hope all the other kids like me. They might not (because I don't wear croakies).

On the plus side, I finally figured our my major: Hot Girls, with a minor in cool shenanigans. Haha, nah I'm just playing. Those aren't even real majors. Actually I declared Journalism and Mass Communications. Yes, I know nobody reads newspapers. Yes, a lot of journalists are not good people. No, I don't really like to read. Now that we're through with the inevitable rebuttal, I'm actually kind of excited about it. I was hoping that choosing a major would put an end to annoying conversations about how not bright my future looks. Welp, guess not. Turns out people don't want you to declare a major, they want you to declare pre-med, pre-pharmacy, or pre-law. Oh well. Goodbye soapbox.

Okay, 3 minutes till this computer is dead for the night. I love you beautiful blog readers. Don't fear, joshuasizemore.blogspot is back on its feet. How's that for some wind in your sails.