Thursday, October 29, 2009

Go Bananas!

Today has been an extremely long and tiring day. However, I promised positivity, and I have plenty to be positive about, so here goes:

My band Go Bananas! got to play a show tonight... It was just so fun, and I love all the guys a lot, they're the bomb. There was a pretty good turnout, so that was exciting. We like to keep it fresh when we're on stage. Here's a couple ideas I thought of to make our show stand out:

1. Buy a giant live fish and have it flop around on stage.
2. Hire a belly dancer to perform during all of our songs.
3. Make each band member perform blind folded for the entire show.
4. Remove the first letter of every word each time we spoke... "Ey, e're alled o ananas, hank ou o uch or oming o ur how. Ou ll ook eautiful." Literally. The worst idea ever.
5. Burning several Nickelback albums on stage - actually a pretty good idea.
6. Removing one article of clothing between each song. Maybe at a future show.
7. Cutting out a pumpkin pinata and wearing it on my head - oh wait, did that.

Needless to say, with this kind of brain power, our show was guaranteed to be great. Unfortunately these two jokers named Audrey and Emily kept referring to our band as "The Banana Hammocks" providing people with a rough mental image of men's underwear with a bikini cut. Real mature.

Sometimes I randomly think of my family and I'm overwhelmed with feelings of love and gratitude. It came over me earlier and I felt I should drive back to Kentucky, fall at my family's feet and thank them for their amazing love and encouragement and patience over the years. Instead I'm writing about it on here, which is a little sad, but I hope you guys read this and know how much I love you. You're all the personification of grace in my life and the thing I am most thankful for always. When I think of how you guys generously look out for my needs I seriously want to cry all different kinds of tears.

Before I really do cry, I'm going to go ahead and reel this post back in. I'm headed to Dothan, AL for the annual Peanut Festival tomorrow and man oh MAN am I excited!!! It's going to be so fun. My goal is threefold: 1. Find the world's largest peanut and smuggle it back to Samford in order to bring more tourism to campus, thus boosting Birmingham's suffering peanut economy. 2. Taste at least 25 different flavor peanuts. 3. Slip the following Princess Bride quote into as many conversations as possible: "No more rhymes and I mean it!"
"Anybody want a peanut?"

On that same note, my hometown, Lexington, KY is actually the peanut butter capital of the world. Just a fun fact. You get those for free with this blog.

I think that's probably enough. I'll try to be funnier in future posts, but I think this was very positive overall. I'm continually praying for a more thankful heart.


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