Wednesday, October 28, 2009

That baby can dance

Okay, so I started writing about my day and how we had a big Freshman party at a rollerskating rink. It was going to be really boring and then Laufy, my friend back home, told me to watch this video and man, it has rocked my night:

I mean, wow. How old is this baby, like 4 months? That baby has the brain and motor skills of a 23 year old man or woman, depending on which sex he or she actually is. I would say the odds of this baby being famous some day are about 85%. The odds of he/she having a normal sized belly are low, but the talent is there. That was mean, I'm sorry. But wow.

While watching that, Laufy reminded me that I should also take a look at this much shorter clip which I hadn't seen in a while:

It's just so hard to decide what's funniest about this. I think the fact that she thinks she's somehow being funny dancing around in a clown mask is what does it for me. "You think you're funny lady? Bam! You just hit your head on a TV, how's that for comedy?".
Again, I'm being so harsh but I mean these people put this stuff on youtube, so I think it's okay. I promise my next post will be more positive.

I would like to add that I brought candy to a study group today thinking that I would be Mr. Nice Guy and make the two people like me, then I got there and realized they were being really studious so I hid all the candy in my backpack so they wouldn't think I was childish. I'm amazed at how timid I am sometimes.

Sorry, this post got long. Hi mom, love you.


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