Monday, October 26, 2009

Hanson/Public Safety Save The Day

Today Hanson came to Samford supporting the TOMS shoe cause. It was kind of cool. They walked a mile around campus barefoot and the middle Hanson talked into a megaphone for like two hours about "really taking action" and making a difference. Old Hanson also had a megaphone and young Hanson video taped the entire event without saying a word. Between the three of them there were about 29 pounds of hair on their heads. They played a couple songs and when a small crowd started chanting "MMMBOP, MMMBOP" the middle one got really defensive and they didn't play it.

Then somebody stole something from the bookstore and ran over a public safety guy who then shot the guy's tire out. Pretty intense.

So who's the true hero? The one hit wonder band with lots of hair, or the injured public safety officer? Neither. It's the food court workers for providing me with endless amounts of Chik-Fil-A sauce. Thanks guys...


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