Thursday, June 24, 2010


I have 2 things to say to open up this blog post:

1. I already feel like I'm forcing it, so if this post is no good, I apologize in advance.
2. UK just became the first University ever to draft 5 players in the first round of the NBA draft. Unbelievable. Best program ever.

Right now there's a commercial on TV for the hair growing product called Bosley. I hope it really works, but all I can say is there HAS to be a better name out there than Bosley. That is an extremely unpleasant sounding word. No one likes saying Bosley. I guess ultimately all hair growing companies got nailed when the name Miracle Grow™ was taken for fertilizer.

Today at TIKI ZONE this little Indian kid kept coming up and ordering Slim Jims™. Pretty routine, really, but it was hilarious because the kid was like 9 years old and he kept ordering with a fake Indian accent. It was crazy because he was pretty dark skinned so it was definitely possible that he had an accent, but he was there with his red-haired friend who kept laughing whenever he talked... so if it wasn't fake, then he needs to pick out some new friends.

I'm so tired.. way too tired to try and be clever, so let's try this again tomorrow, mkay?


P.S. Sat here for 8 minutes trying to think of a clever PS... nothin. Tomorrow's gonna be AWESOME!!


  1. Question: Is there any particular reason you add the TM's? Other than to see who would notice it? Because I did. And I like it. And I miss you. Come to Destin. It'll be fun.

  2. i got a phone call from you today. plan on returning it very soon.