Monday, June 21, 2010

Reggie Miller's lookin' good..

I really love it when it storms. Today it started storming suddenly in the middle of the day and me and Jer (brother) ran outside and started throwing frisbee and trying to catch leaves. Both of these things were pretty impossible with the crazy wind, and I mainly got hit in the face with leaves, but it was just so great. I kind of wish it would storm or rain for a little while every day and then get nice again.

Dreams are so ridiculous. I had this dream last night that my friend Tyler Casey was playing guitar at our church (which he actually does), but during the songs when he wasn't playing he would do these ridiculous dance moves to fill in the time. So he was up on the screens at church like shimmy-ing with his shoulders and rocking his hips in the middle of worship. Kind of hilarious, but so awkward for dream-Josh because I thought my friend had lost his marbles.

SIDE NOTE: I've never really thought about it, but "lost his marbles" always means that someone went insane or did something idiotic. That's so dumb. It is not hard to lose marbles. They're little hard, clear balls. They roll everywhere and they are slippery. It's insane people who actually make the effort to KEEP their marbles. A more appropriate phrase would be "lost his leg hairs". You're an idiot if you lose your leg hairs.

Dreams. Is there anything more weird than the naked dreams? A few of us were talking about this the other day... why is it that in those dreams you get all the way to the most public places (for me it's always a cookout) and THEN realize you're rockin the nude?? For some reason you got ready to leave (naked), got in the car (naked), drove to the party (still pretty naked), got OUT OF THE CAR. NAKED. YOU'RE NOT WEARING CLOTHES. YOU'RE WALKING AROUND SOCIALIZING WITH PEOPLE AND YOU'RE IN THE FREAKING NUDE. And for some reason it just doesn't hit you until it's too late. And then you try to play it off like there's nothing weird about hanging out naked at a cookout. And then you finally wake up - thank goodness - and realize how dumb the dream version of you was to get into that kind of situation.

Speaking of naked, I've been doing this 100 push-up work out program lately. It's pretty tough. I'm really weak. The Greek olympians worked out naked. I don't though.

It's a good thing milk isn't alcoholic, because I drink a lot of it. And so does my whole family. We go through like 2 gallons a week, at least. Can you imagine if that was 2 gallons of alcohol?? This household would be CRAZYYY! One bowl of the cereal for each of us in the morning and it's just game over. I would have a really hard time alphabetizing things all day, but I would definitely be better at making jokes at the nurses.

I'm pretty tired and I have some more (clothed) push-ups to do, so I'm going to call it a night.
If you're reading this, I probably love you. Unless you have red hair and own a pair of Space Jam edition Air Jordans™.



  1. I've done naked pushups. It's no picnic.

  2. miss you buddy. this is the truest form of art ive ever seen.

  3. "If you're reading this, I probably love you. Unless you have red hair and own a pair of Space Jam edition Air Jordans™."

    This quote will forever make me love you. Not that I didn't already.