Sunday, April 25, 2010

Goodbye Teens!

First off, I realize that it has been too long since my last post for anyone to care about this blog. However at the stroke of midnight I'm turning 20, and since this is a really large (boring) milestone in my life I thought I should write something. So far the biggest change I can think of about age 20 is that I will have to be a little more embarrassed about my childish behavior. I kind of hate that I haven't accomplished anything huge or impressive in my teenage years... but I DID score 36 points a basketball game once. So yeah. I got that.

Ha but seriously, I'm pretty excited about my birthday! But there has to be something more interesting to fill you in on. Basically, my sister Sarah is being a nurse in Congo and is truly awesome, hilarious and adventurous, so you should probably just go ahead and read her blog:

April has been a little bit of a blur, but a really beautiful blur full of exciting new things and people and places... I think in my 21st year I would like to learn to be thankful in every circumstance and really count my blessings. I think the more I do that the more I realize how much God takes care of us out of his own goodness. I find myself worrying a lot about things that God has been providing for me since I was like a fetus. It's so ridiculous and kind of sad. But isn't He teaching us new things every day?? I think that's what excites me the most sometimes. He really does want us to grow and will draw near to us if we seek Him.

Completely changing gears, I've been talking some serious trash to my friend Tyler lately. We play a lot of HORSE together (it's a basketball game, don't worry about it couch-dwellers). We've probably played about 40 games in the last month or so.. anyone want to take a stab at how many times he's beaten me? I won't give it away publicly, but it's more than 0 and less than 2. I hope nobody thinks I'm being mean here, it's just that he likes the motivation and trash talking is highly motivating. He said he was going to practice left-handed shots so he could beat me and I told him I'm the best left-handed shooter ever. I think it made him mad, but he will learn to use that anger as fuel.

A serious travesty occurred when Robby Stone alerted/accused me of the fact that I have never mentioned him in a blog post. While I find this hard to believe, I am way to lazy to look through all my posts, so I am just going to take his word for it and admit my folly. Robby - you are amazing and a true stud. Probably one of the 5 or so most influential people on my life. And you're soon to be a movie star and famous soccer player, so that's exciting. I hope you don't turn into a prawn.

I know nobody likes reading long posts, so I'm going to go ahead and wrap this sucker up. Keep it real everyone. I'd like to thank my mom and dad for putting up with my teenage years... okay bye everyone!!!!!



  1. you are so much better than the rest of us. I think i'm going to make my money someday by compiling all of my siblings blogs into a book.

  2. hahaha, i just laughed so hard at this. hope you dont turn into a prawn, how awesome. i turned that movie in an hour late so its gonna cost me an extra $1.08. dang.

  3. Reading your blog just got my day off to a good start! I need to find someone here who makes me laugh half as hard as you make me laugh!