Thursday, March 4, 2010

Come Pick Me Up

Well here we are again!!

Holy dang, it has been so long since I have done this. I feel like a diver who hasn't tried a triple twist flip spin swan dive in a while.. just awkward. I don't even know, analogy attempt number one has obviously failed. All I know is that I'm still on my same plaid love seat, and that is a good thing. If I had to use one word to describe myself right now it would be sexy. I mean that's always the word I would use, but right this second overwhelmed would also work because I haven't blogged in like a year and I'm not sure where to start.

How about here: Dudes-A-Plenty won SWEEPSTAKES!!!! Yeahyuhh. If you don't know what sweepstakes is, then get off of my blog. Seriously, you shouldn't even be reading this sentence, you should be long gone. Keep going, you disgust me. Just kidding. Sweepstakes is the award given for the Samford competition called Step Sing. And we won, and it was amazing. I'm not feeling like giving a lot of details, so I might just be really vague. Lots of neat things happened, some people were happy, others were sad, and in the end, we did what we had to do. So fun.

Since then I have spent most of my time throwing up and coughing, it's been really great. Thanks to my boy Matt Wambles for bringing me Jell-O. I wouldn't have made it without that, no lie. Seriously, isn't Jell-O great? I mean it doesn't make ANY sense at all. Don't tell me it's made out of cow bones or whatever, I really don't give a crap. All I know is that it is sweet delicious food that jiggles. It JIGGLES! Seriously? Can you imagine if people in the Bible times had been able to try that stuff? I mean Moses could have just eaten some Jell-O in front of Pharaoh and been like "Look at me eatin' this stuff. Let my people GO!" And he would've been like "Okay! Just get that jiggly goodness out of here, I can't even understand what that is."

Anyway. That got confusing. I feel like I should do some shout outs. Dwight, Tyler, Tyler, Audrey, Mom, Dad, Deet, Sus, Jer. I'm kind of scared that no one will even read this now since it's been so long. I feel like a stranger in my own home. My home is this blog. And I'm not a stranger, I'm the owner. I'm the landlord and you owe me rent. Pay me or I'll hit you with this fly swatter. Smack.

I think maybe I'm a little more tired than I thought when I started this. My thoughts are not very coherent. I'm really happy to be back to the blog though. There is so much going on in life right now. There are so many decisions I have to make, it's getting ridiculous. I want to make a huge wheel to spin and call it the Wheel of Josh. That's a bad idea and a terrible name. But it might be fun. Let me know if you want to help me build it.

I'm trying to be more thankful. God has blessed me so much. When I really think about it I feel pretty sad about how self centered and selfish I often am. I'm just really blessed and have been given a lot of great opportunities. If you see me, feel free to remind me.

I really wanted to put something funny here. I seriously have nothing. Such a disappointment. But I'm still shaking off the rust, so cut me some slack. No? Fine Mr. BigPants. Why don't you try writing my blog... it's hard being this average.



  1. I'll help you build the "Wheel of Josh." But can we put one category that just says "kitten farm owner"? That'd be miserable.

    I could hear you saying the whole part about Moses and Pharaoh in my head, and it made me laugh.

    Alright. I should blog again sometime soon, too.

    - Robby

  2. I'm also hoping that the title of this blog post comes from "Britney" and her infamous prank calls that haven't happened in far too long. "Hey, it's Britney! I'm at the Walmart. Come pick me uuuup! Cause I'm tired... and I'm pissed."

  3. hahaha. oh gosh. too many thoughts to say all, so i will be succinct: i see you imitating pharaoh too, oh so funny. book of eli- soon, it already left one of the raves, but not the other. i build wheels. you are probably in the richest 5% of the world- be encouraged by that. thanks for the shout out. i just read a certain someone elses blog-wow...

  4. I read that same certain someone's blog, too. Hahaha! So hilarious... and sad.

  5. Wait, whose blog did ya'll read?
    Josh, you are hilarious. Everytime. I just read this for the second time. Feel free to write my blog for me sometime...