Monday, December 28, 2009

Winter Break

If there's one thing I know about winter break it's that there is a lot of time to sit around. I think the only rule is that you can't do anything productive. I've sat around a lot already and haven't managed anything productive at all. I mean blogging is the most productive thing I do and that hasn't happend, so... what a disaster.

Anyway, I had to delete my post about working at a bread store because I decided it was too harsh and probably included too many details about people and places and I didn't want to offend. But we will just say it was an experience. In case you were wondering, bread must be cooled to 88ยบ or less before you bag it, Virginia rolls are extremely time consuming to bag, bread racks are heavy and dangerous, and most importantly if you drop a loaf of bread on the floor it's okay to pick it up and package it as long as your manager isn't looking... this is all I have to say on the matter.

Working nights was pretty fascinating because not only did I have to constantly wrestle with some delirium, but I also became accustomed to seeing a part of the day that I rarely ever see: morning. I can definitely count on two hands the number of times that I've seen the sunrise (maybe three hands). This was definitely the highlight of the job. There is something crazy about being awake when the sun comes up. Especially since I had already been up for several hours so I didn't feel the typical grogginess of an early morning. The last day I worked I got to go watch the sunrise in a neighborhood by my house and the sky was just exploding. It was so sick, I think God just made a cherry bomb of sunbeams and clouds, lit the fuse and threw it at the atmosphere over Kentucky. Now that I'm back to sleeping in it's kind of sad. I miss the early morning, it's like a friend that you get really close to in short period and then you realize that you have to wake up way too early to spend time with them so you just say goodbye indefinitely. Haha. My analogies need some work right now, but hey I'm shaking off the blog-rust. That word sounded grossss.

I really like the holidays. This Christmas season has been a beautiful time with the family, I've loved it. I love how for some reason during Christmas we begin eating lots of things out of large tins. Christmas is like the only time when people give each other tins full of chocolate and nuts and popcorn. I think it's kind of hilarious.

Anyways, I think you're beginning to see why my blog has been on a bit of a vacation and that is because NOTHING IS HAPPENING. If I have any wit at all, it's pretty much entirely based on stuff that happens, so when nothing happens, I just don't anything funny to say, sooooo.

Peace and love.


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  1. never. NEVER. will I ever want blogrust on anything.