Thursday, December 10, 2009


I can't believe it's the end of the semester. You know what else I can't believe? The dudes across from me turned off their fridge and left all their food inside. This includes a container of yogurt, some tortillas, half and half, a plastic cup of milk and more... so excited about cleaning it up. On top of that, they left a full thing of garbage. Can I pose a legitimate question? Who. In the WORLD fills up a garbage can without first putting a GARBAGE BAG inside it? So ridiculous. Anyway, I'm finally finished with finals and so relieved. We had a big RA Christmas party tonight which was really nice. Just getting ready to head home and slice some bread.

I don't think I really have any stories at the moment, I think I just wanted to vent about all the crap I'm having to clean up. I will definitely write some when I get home and get to gather my thoughts a little.

I'm gonna go give Bethany some apple butter. APPLE BUTTER!!!



  1. dude. those guys would make me mad. did you write them up? i would have. twice. i miss you here already

  2. Just now saw this APPLE BUTTER!!! reference. Seriously everytime someone says it, APPLE BUTTER!!! yells in my mind. Guess it will always be with me. FRIENDS!!! only happens about 20% of the time which is good b/c it is a much more common word...